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Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling)
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Gray Sleeved Henley | Amber Stoksa Photography

Anonymous asked: okay thank you!

You’re welcome!

- undergroundairway

Anonymous asked: hi i recently downloaded fonts you posted a while ago for a photoshop edit but i can't find them in the fonts list. what should i do?

Did you unzip the font folder you downloaded and then right click on the font file and press “Install”? As soon as you hit install, it should automatically pop up in the font list in your editing program. If you’ve installed it and it’s not showing up, you may have to restart your editing program if you had it open during the installation process.

Here are screenshots showing what to do to install a new font using Windows:

After you download your zipped font, right click on it and click “Extract to____”:

Next, open the newly created folder and right click on the font file and click “Install”:

If you need anymore help, let me know! :)

- undergroundairway


Here’s another clip of “Beautiful Times” featuring Lindsey Stirling.

This beast of a tune hits your ears in full on Tuesday!


I’m unveiling the artwork, for my new track, on Instagram starting today. Make sure you’re following me at @owlcityofficial to see it piece by piece.

Here’s 1 of 9.


celebrity series 1/?

adam young // circa pre-tms